Viion to unveil new traffic camera A.I. at Intertraffic 2022

Seatbelt detection, HOV lane occupancy and vehicle classification are among the latest capabilities available with Viion’s proven TrafficCam 3D workhorse.

Viion Systems Inc. will make an exciting return to Intertraffic in Amsterdam this March, featuring A.I. technology that has yet to be demonstrated in the traffic enforcement industry.

The TrafficCam 3D will be showcased at Intertraffic among several other products and road safety/traffic enforcement solutions at the Viion booth 05.414 (hall 5) from March 29 to April 1, 2022 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

Viion’s addition of improved Artificial Intelligence is a major development not only for its traffic cameras, but traffic camera technology worldwide.
“The A.I. will allow faster, better detection, in real time,” said Director of Business Development Antonio Oquendo, referring to the TrafficCam 3D’s processing on the edge (on camera) capability.

Ultimately, Viion’s A.I. opens up new opportunities that benefit Vision Zero, a global road safety strategy to rid the world of road-related fatalities. First among these features is seatbelt enforcement, where it is possible to detect whether or not the driver or the passenger is wearing a seatbelt – a critical fatality-prevention feature that has seen skyrocketing demand around the world in recent years. If the camera does not detect a seatbelt in either the driver or passenger, a violation package is automatically prepared and sent to authorities for further processing. A similar safety-related capability is Viion’s helmet detection feature that allows authorities to fine motorcyclists who ride without a helmet.
The TrafficCam 3D is also able to provide H.O.V. (high occupancy vehicle) lane enforcement, which detects the number of occupants in a given vehicle. In this case, if the camera detects less occupants in a vehicle than what is legally required for the H.O.V. lane, the driver will receive a fine.
In addition to H.O.V. enforcement, the TrafficCam 3D can provide bus lane and restricted lane enforcement – in essence, detecting vehicles that do not belong in the specific lane (or enforcing exclusive lanes by vehicle type). This goes hand-in-hand with Viion’s updated vehicle classification feature, which automatically detects the type of vehicle on the road (passenger cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, cargo-vans, heavy-goods vehicles, etc.). Such a feature empowers traffic agencies to closely monitor and enforce roads that only permit travel of certain vehicles (such as only light passenger vehicles and medium-sized cargo vans) during the day or night.

Viion’s new on-the-edge technology is just the beginning of its ongoing push towards providing smart-mobility/smart city solutions; future applications include pedestrian counting and detection, as well as bicycle detection, both of which are expected to greatly improve road safety.

Excited to learn more? Be sure to drop by the Viion booth at Intertraffic (05.414 hall 5) and meet the team! 

Did you know that you can go to Intertraffic for free? All you have to do is click here and register!

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