Viion Launches Sentinel Sign-off 1.0

MONTREAL, Que. – Viion announced today the launch of Sentinel Sign-Off 1.0™, an innovative solution for the IT security market. 

Sentinel Sign-Off automatically locks a computer following the departure of a user, eliminating a security vulnerability that results when users fail to manually log-out of computer sessions prior to their departure. Viion’s commercial release of the Sentinel Sign-Off solution follows successful in-field beta testing.
Viion’s Sentinel Sign-Off solution is typically deployed in IT environments employing single sign-on (SSO) technologies as well as environments where multiple users have access to a computer workstation – for example, health-care, enterprise and financial markets.

“Sentinel Sign-Off uses a combination of computer vision technologies to identify and detect the presence of a computer user. “This is the first time that an intelligent sensing approach has been used to address the walk-away security issue.” states Dr. Michael Kelly, President and founder of Viion. “This is a solution that IT security professionals need to be aware of as it can significantly improve the security of their organization’s end-point computing infrastructure.”

Viion has filed for patent protection covering the active presence and identification technology that powers the Sentinel suite of products.

About Viion
Viion Systems Inc. is an innovative computer vision technology firm headquartered in Montreal. The first to develop Active Presence Detection and Identification solutions, Viion deploys software that effectively and seamlessly secures data, people and assets. Viion’s solutions are trusted by public and private organizations worldwide. Beyond a technology company, Viion is an organization built on its highly motivated and skilled team comprised of individuals that are passionate about computer vision technology and developing practical solutions for its clients.

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