Montreal - April 1st 2010 - Innovative computer vision technology leader, Viion Systems Inc., has relocated its global headquarters. The company is now located at the Nordelec, a hub of high-tech and creative firms within Montreal, Canada. The move is part of the company's overall expansion efforts and will allow Viion to better serve its clients and business partners.

In addition to providing ample space for its expanding workforce, the Nordelec location will serve as a research & development center, consolidating the company’s Montreal locations within one building. Viion’s growing research & development activities include the development of a new technology designed for homeland security and other physical security applications.

Within the last year, Viion has established an office in the United Kingdom, and will be opening a second European office in 2010. Viion’s current business development focus is on expanding North American and European markets for its Sentinel line of IT security solutions as well as for its upcoming homeland security products.

“Our new head office will allow Viion to streamline workflows and provide a more cohesive work environment for our employees. We anticipate this move will positively impact new product development as well as improve our responsiveness to customers and partners.” states Brett Beranek, VP Sales & Marketing at Viion.

About Viion

Viion Systems Inc. is an innovative computer vision technology firm headquartered in Montreal. The first to develop Active Presence Detection and Identification solutions, Viion deploys software that effectively and seamlessly secures data, people and assets. Viion’s solutions are trusted by public and private organisations worldwide. Beyond a technology company, Viion is an organisation built on its highly motivated and skilled team comprised of individuals that are passionate about computer vision technology and developing practical solutions for its clients

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