Simplify Traffic Enforcement

Viion's automated speed enforcement cameras allow officers to focus on other aspects of road safety and law enforcement.

Manual speed limit enforcement by police officers is costly and dangerous, but it also diverts officers from their more critical law enforcement roles. Simplify their lives with Viion's traffic monitoring and enforcement product line.

Build a safer future

Average speed zone enforcement is one of the most effective ways to reduce accident fatality rates

According to the NHTSA, introducing automatic speed enforcement systems results in decreases of 20-70% in accident fatality rates. Viion offers both speed zone enforcement solutions (using the TrafficCam or TrafficCam 3D). In one instance, our cameras were associated with a 43% decrease in accident fatality rate in the first year after installation.

Keep Moving

Eliminating intersection blocking can help roads networks serve their customers more efficiently

Viion's TrafficCam 3D offers red-light and block-the-box enforcement, determining a vehicle's precise location and speed through an intersection along with the current state of signal lights.

Viion's TrafficCam and TrafficCam 3D save lives.