Eliminate Payment Fraud

Be alerted when fraud suspects enter your store

Viion's Gigapixel Scanning Camera can alert you to the presence of suspects who have recently made large transactions at other stores throughout your network-- even if they use different credit cards and names at each location.

Put the brakes on revenue shrinkage

Indentifying theft suspects can help your security staff put surveillance where it is needed

The Viion Gigapixel Scanning camera can identify suspects associated with previous thefts as they enter your store, providing real-time alerting to your security team and sales staff.

Keep Track of Valued Customers

Face recognition can help your sales staff

Greet your clients by name and let them know how much they mean to you. Viion's Gigapixel Scanning Camera can identify recurring visitors to your premises allowing your staff to be proactive in understanding their needs.

Viion's Gigapixel Camera can improve your bottom line