Securing critical infrastructure

Build a searchable surveillance network which can watch for threats rather than just recording them.

With integrated facial and license plate recognition, our cameras generate searchable streams of information and can alert to the presence of a particular face or vehicle.

Face the Future

Modern transportation security requires active scanning for known suspects in order to prevent threats

Be alerted when indiviuals who are known to you enter your premises so that you can respond actively, rather than reactively. Viion's face recognition solution actively scans faces as they enter wide open spaces, making face recognition practical and cost effective on a new scale.

Viion's Gigapixel Camera can find faces in crowds.

Lost ticket?

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) offers convenience to customers and security to everyone

Filter your facility for vehicles associated with crime, assist cutomers who have lost their vehicles and prevent ticket fraud loss by adding license plate recognition to your facility's entrance and exit plazas.

Viion's TrafficCam can help secure parking facilities and assist customers.